Lakers Injury Report: Yet Another LA Role Player….

LeBron James saved the Los Angeles Lakers. Regardless of how fans may have felt about him before he came to LA, LeBron deciding to sign with the Lakers made the franchise relevant again after the worst stretch it has ever seen.


The Lakers were on a decade-long stretch of not making the playoffs and whiffed on every move they tried to make. LeBron signing brought

notoriety back to the franchise, allowed the team to trade for Anthony Davis, and eventually led to a championship. None of that is possible without LeBron.


At 39 years old with a player option after this season, many are wondering if this is the end of the road for

LeBron in Los Angeles. With Bronny James potentially coming into the league next season, LeBron could live out his dream of playing with one of his sons in the NBA.


But that might not be the case. If ESPN’s Brian Windhorst is to be believed (and he is always right about LeBron moves), LeBron might actually be eyeballing a big payday from the Lakers, not a departure.

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