Good news: Lebron James and bronny James are planning on…..see more

LeBron James and his son, LeBron James Jr. (Bronny), are making headlines with their plans to play together in the NBA. Bronny, a high school basketball phenom, is expected to enter the NBA draft in 2024, and LeBron has expressed his desire to play alongside his son before he retires.

LeBron, now 38, is in the twilight of his career, but he remains one of the league’s top players. Bronny, 18, is a highly touted prospect, ranked among the top players in his class. The idea of them sharing the court together has sparked excitement among fans and media alike.

The James duo has already shared the court in a few exhibition games, including a memorable moment in 2021 when they played together in a Drew League game. LeBron has been vocal about his desire to play with Bronny in the NBA, stating it would be a “dream come true.”

For this to happen, LeBron would need to extend his career beyond his current contract, which expires in 2024. Bronny would also need to declare for the draft and be selected by the same team as his father. While this scenario is possible, it’s still uncertain, as both LeBron’s health and Bronny’s development will factor into their plans.

The potential implications of this duo playing together are significant. It would mark a historic moment in NBA history, with a father and son sharing the court as teammates. It would also create a unique dynamic, with LeBron serving as both teammate and mentor to his son.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the possibility of seeing the James duo in action, and the NBA world is watching with bated breath. Will LeBron and Bronny make their joint debut in the coming years? Only time will tell, but the prospect is undeniably exciting.

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