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Joseph Suaalii, the Sydney Roosters star, has finally spoken out after being sent off during the intense State of Origin match between New South Wales and Queensland. The young center was dismissed just seven minutes into the game at Accor Stadium after a controversial high tackle on Queensland fullback Reece Walsh.

Suaalii expressed his disappointment and remorse, acknowledging that he let his teammates, family, and the entire state of New South Wales down. He took to social media to share his thoughts, saying, “I’m deeply disappointed in myself for my actions last night. I know I let my brothers, family, and state down.”

The tackle on Walsh was deemed dangerous and reckless, resulting in Suaalii’s early exit from the game. Walsh was left unconscious on the field and was subsequently ruled out of the contest due to concussion symptoms. Suaalii’s actions were widely criticized by fans, commentators, and former players, with many calling for a lengthy suspension.

The NRL judiciary has since charged Suaalii with a grade-three careless high tackle, which carries a base penalty of four to five weeks. If he accepts the early guilty plea, he will miss four games, including the next State of Origin match.

Suaalii’s apology and show of remorse have been well-received by the rugby league community, with many acknowledging that he is a young player who made a mistake. His willingness to own up to his error and take responsibility is a testament to his character and maturity.

Despite the fallout from the incident, Suaalii remains a talented and promising player in the NRL. His commitment to learning from his mistakes and growing as a player is evident, and he will undoubtedly bounce back from this setback. For now, he will focus on serving his suspension and working on his game, determined to make a positive impact on the field when he returns.

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